History of Printing is the history of civilization itself; we have seen many transformations from the early age of block printing letterpress to offset then digital and now printing electronics and 3-D. Printing is one of the most exciting and talked about technologies of today. It is not that printing changed itself but it also changed the thinking of mankind.

The technological advances in this day and age is moving at such a rapid pace that what we thought ludicrous in the past are now slowly becoming reality. One of the areas affected by major significant changes is the printing industry. Earlier, Printing was considered to be an art then it converted into technology, with the adaption of Offset became combination of Art, science and chemistry. In computer age electronics was also included and sooner Digital Printing emerged. . Now a days, printing is not merely ink on paper; it has grown into a vast technology.

The digital printing industry is seeing significant transformations with new technologies & applications providing cost-effective and customized solutions. For the foreseeable future, offset and digital will not only co-exist, but will also complement each other- with offset taking the medium-to-longer jobs and digital performing on short-to-medium run lengths. The booming Pakistan economy, increasing consumerism, entry of global brands in the country and opening of the sector to foreign investors are bound to offer growth opportunities to the industry.
Two  Vutek Large Format Printer  - 10 Ft.

Rolland  Eco Solvent Printer -  6.5 Ft.

Two Sky Jet Solvent Printer - 10 Ft.

Mimaki Eco Solvent Printer  - 8 Ft.

SUMA Plotter Cutter - 5 Ft.

Taiwan Laminator